Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Medicare Part B Physician Services Fees

Physician Services Fees

QUESTION:  I have received bills from the doctors who treated me from a recent hospitalization. I thought my Medicare covered all but my deductible for hospital stays.

ANSWER:  Medicare Part A covers room, board, general nursing and miscellaneous services and supplies after you pay a deductible of $1,100(for 2010) per hospitalization. Your doctors’ fees or “physician services” are covered under Medicare Part B. Medicare Part B pays 80% of Medicare approved amounts after you pay a deductible of $155 (this $155 deductible is in addition to your Medicare Part A deductible). You are responsible for 20% of those charges. Each charge may not exceed the Medicare Part A deductible but this can add up pretty quick if you have had a serious illness or injury and been treated by several doctors.

Some Medicare Supplements would pay those approved charges that Medicare Parts A and B do not pay.

SOURCE:  www.Medicare.gov, Medicare and You 2010 Handbook; page 20