Thursday, March 10, 2011

Medicare and Medicaid

Medicare with QMB and MQMB
Question: I am a retiree living on $800.00 a month from Social Security. I qualify for QMB which is the same as the "extra help" program. I have Medicare and Medicaid. I need glasses, hearing aids and dentures. The lady at the hearing aid store said I didn’t qualify with them because there is not an "M" in front of my "QMB", in others words, it’s gotta be "MQMB" for me to get any help. My glasses need to be replaced. I can barely hear and the one hearing aid I have came from a friend of mine whose mother died. My mouth is sinking in from no dentures.
Can you please give me some kind of information on how I can get these things I need? 
Answer: You would need to contact your local Medicaid office to get information specific to you. Just in general, the extra help offered to Medicare beneficiaries is based on their income and assets and where that puts you in the level of assistance available. You may call 211 and you will be connected to a Medicaid representative. If you have trouble connecting through 211, you may call 1-877-541-7905. You may also go online to to search for the phone number to your local Medicaid office using your home zip code. Request Medicaid review your qualifications for extra help.