Saturday, March 19, 2011

Part B Penalty

Medicare Part B Late Enrollment Penalty /Appealing the Penalty

Question:  When I turned 65 I did not sign up for Medicare. I was working and paid my own insurance...thought that was a patriotic thing to do....well, 7 yrs later, I signed up for Medicare and they penalized me to pay 70% higher for my SS check is about 600.00....can't stand this much more since I plan to live to at least 100.  Do you think I can get this penalty cancelled?

Answer: Bottom line, it never hurts to try.

Coverage in an Employer group health plan that has 20 or more employees and is primary to Medicare allows the covered person to postpone enrollment in Medicare Part B until the employment terminates or the health plan terminates. The person then has 8 months to enroll in Medicare Part B without a penalty. Employers of less than 20 people and individual health plans are generally secondary to Medicare. Coverage under these plans usually does not allow postponement of Part B enrollment without a penalty once you do enroll in Part B. In most cases it costs more to stay enrolled with small group or individual plans than it does to enroll in Medicare so people elect to go the Medicare route.

If you believe your situation fits the guidelines for postponing Medicare Part B enrollment, then you may appeal the decision on your Part B premium by contacting Social Security (1-800-772-1213).

I recommend you investigate an appeal. Good luck, it can be frustrating but persevere! Let me know how it turns out and if I can help you please contact me but I recommend you call (512.557.2269)as this could be more complicated than is suited for e-mail.

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