Saturday, April 30, 2011

Medicare Eligibility While Employed

Medicare Benefits While Employed

Question: At what age can you sign up for Medicare without retiring?

Answer: You become eligible for Medicare at age 65 (unless you were eligible earlier due to a disability). Your employment status at age 65 and older has no effect on your eligibility for Medicare. Most people receive Medicare Part A automatically and premium free, so long as they or a spouse have worked and accumulated minimum credits. Enrollment in Medicare Part B is not automatic unless you are already receiving Social Security benefits. You also must pay a premium for Medicare Part B. If you continue to work past age 65, which many people are doing now, you may have some additional options for health insurance with your employer. These options can effect whether or not you enroll in Medicare Part B at age 65.

2012 UPDATE:  Enrollment in Medicare Part A is no longer automatic unless you are receiving or have signed up to begin receiving Social Security Benefits. Medicare Part A IS premium free as long as you or a spouse have earned minimum work credits (40). You will need to enroll in BOTH Medicare Part A and B at age 65 unless you qualify for an exception.

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