Saturday, July 2, 2011

Medicare and the Shingles Vaccine (Zostovax)

Medicare Coverage of the Shingles Vaccine

Question:  Does Medicare pay for the Shingles vaccine?

Answer:  The Shingles vaccine is covered under Part D, the prescription drug plan and you would have to be enrolled in a Part D plan to receive this coverage.  Medicare Part B does cover some injectables administered in a physician's office but the Shingles vaccine is NOT included under that Medicare Part B coverage.  

As with any medication, check with your Part D plan to confirm that the Shingles vaccine (Zostovax) is part of their formulary. Many Part D plans have a deductible and most have copays. The Shingles vaccine is expensive. It is a higher tier drug on most plans, around $170 retail on average, so also check your cost. Most Part D plans have agreements with their network participating pharmacies to administer the Shingles vaccine at the pharmacy for a reduced charge (similar to the flu vaccine). Check with your Part D plan~Check with your pharmacy BEFORE getting the injection.

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