Monday, July 25, 2011

Medicare and Social Security Disability at Age 65

Medicare and Social Security Disability at Age 65

Question:  I am on Social Security disability. I turn 65 in September. Do I need to do anything and is anything going to change in my disability status?

Answer:  If you have been on disability longer than 25 months, you may be aware that while you can get Medicare in the 25th month, you can only get a Plan A Medicare Supplement in Texas. If it’s been less than 24 months, congratulations, you can now get Medicare! Once you reach age 65, all Medicare Supplement plans are available to you. If you are interested in getting a Medicare Supplement, you need to apply within six months before or after your 65th birthday to be in the guarantee issue period. This is your initial enrollment period and after this time you would be required to meet certain underwriting health criteria to qualify. Given your disability, you may not be able to get a Supplement outside this period. 

Your Social Security Disability will stay the same. Because your birth year is 1946, you do not reach full retirement age until you are 66. At that time your status will change with Social Security from disability benefits to retirement benefits but you do not have to do anything and benefits will not change. It’s just bookkeeping with Social Security! Also at age 66(full retirement age) there is not a limit on the amount of income you can earn in addition to your retirement benefits.

Here is a link to Social Security that provides details on allowable earnings prior to and after retirement age: . Scroll through the page a little, the information you need is down a little!
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