Sunday, July 17, 2011

Medicare, Tricare for Life and Dental, Vision and Hearing Aid Benefits

Medicare, Tricare for Life and Coverage for Dental, Vision and Hearing Aids

Question:  Does Medicare cover dental care? vision? hearing aids? The person in question is on Medicare A&B with Tricare for Life as the supplement, and is also on Social Security disability.

Answer:  Medicare does not cover routine dental, vision or hearing aids. Here is a link to details:

Tricare for Life does provide some dental coverage; there are also some provisions for obtaining hearing aids. Here is a link to the Tricare For Life Handbook: 

I think you’ll find the entire handbook helpful but be sure to check out Page 17 (hearing aids) and Page 21(provisions for dental care).

If the disability is service related, there is a very good possibility there are additional benefits available through the VA. Contact the VA to learn what benefits are available. Here’s a link to numbers for the VA: 

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